Sparkles of Him

My Story.

We all have a story and me being a story teller, I tell stories and my stories all the time.

I know we all carry things and gifting, and what not right? I love gifts and signs and wonders but more than that I love people and what/how God made them.

Besides all that, what did God put in you?

I think about that often and this morning I asked myself. Thinking of what others see.

Others see more than we do a lot of the time. The way we make those around us feel and what floats to the surface when around people.

As I think, I know God gave me joy. I know who I am and I know I carry great joy. It’s all over me and my laugh that gets everyone laughing along with me! I love it! I love joy!

I also know that all my life it was my joy that always got attacked. I know that because I was depressed and lied to and I believed so many lies. Therefore I know if I was pressed into depression there must be something I have had to carry all my life that is suppose to shine and change lives! I see it now and what’s amazes me is that I know this joy isn’t from myself because when joy erupts inside me it even hits me. I feel joy explode within me when I look in the mirror and smile or laugh.

I count myself so privileged that GOD would place this inside me. It’s something I was born with. It’s something He thought of when he modded me before time began. He formed my smile and thought,”This one will carry joy! This one will laugh like no other, she will change everyplace she goes to and ever person she encounters!”

As I sit here and think of all the people I hug, smile and have laughed with it blesses my heart so much to be able to see the effortless difference I have made and it’s all because of who God made me!

Now, along with this though, doesn’t mean I walk in flower fields and laugh all day. As I think about it. Even though it is ME, I have to choose it. I have to choose to see God, I have to choose to show joy, give it, live it and let it flow over everything else life throws.

It doesn’t take much to choose it. It really doesn’t. The hardest part is just realizing it’s there. Sometimes I choose to overlook it and look at situations and emotions mixed with feelings.

Now all that life has to offer isn’t bad. All that we are, all that we have, all that we feel and what not isn’t bad, as long as we let who God is and who God made us overlook and overflow on the rest of the things.

We all carry a different aspect of who God is and you might also carry joy but in a different way. We should all let that outshine! We all carry a sparkle of Him!

So I challenge you to choose that.

Because today, I choose JOY!

I choose to not look at the outer-shell in my life and everyone else around me .


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