The Journey

I’m a huge believer of the “journey” and love it.

I remember back about 2 years and a half ago when I lived in community whenever one of us was going through something tough we would say, “It’s the journey. You can’t skip it!” “Even if you wanted to!” Then we would laugh, knowing how bitterly sweet it was!

I wouldn’t skip the journey for the price. Ever. This means if what I want is to have a BMW and be able to say it’s fully mine, I wouldn’t want to just skip life to the point where I’m just driving in it. I would prefer to know that one day I sat here dreaming of it, then began planning on getting it and how I got through the struggles and all that came, all the way to the point where I sit in that car and think back and I am able to say, “wow, this really happened! It was once a dream and now I’m here” thinking back at every little detail it took and what I learned. Like how to handle finances, patience, wisdom and how to have the essentials before getting what I want. It’s all those things that no one tells you about. The things that aren’t too spoken about that become not only struggles but life lessons you could take with you throughout life. And the amazing thing is that once, you get it down, you don’t have to relearn it unless to improve, which in always good!

For the past months, God has flipped around a couple things. I went from having scheduled days with daily “habits” to that changing. I was doing so amazing when every morning I woke up having plans and spending so much time with God. Then out of no where that changed. Now, I know it wasn’t good to change that and I didn’t have to but I chose to let it go, but I learned.

3 weeks had gone by and I wasn’t spending as much time with God daily as I was before and I was bothered. I sat on my bed and thought about how much I wanted to spend time with God but thought, man I’m just going to Him because I really need something and want to ask for answers. I thought, “this isn’t what a friendship looks like..” Then God spoke to me and said, “Mishael, you are able to do that though. You aren’t an orphan. You are adopted.” Then I remembered this one time 2 years and a half ago when God was teaching me how to go to the throne room, He told me, “You could always come. Even when you fall, I’ll be more than happy to heal your wounds.”

It’s wild to see how good God is over and over again! His love never stops pouring out! It messes with the human mind because goodness such as this just doesn’t make sense!

After this, I began spending time with God and seeing everything He had told me and spoke to me about. All what people had said, things I felt, dreams I had and things God put in my heart. It was then I realized and didn’t understand why there were multiple things. It was strange to me. How could there be 3 answers to one question?

I am so use to listening to God and doing as told.. This time, it wasn’t left or straight and me doing it without question.

Most decisions I make and all things I plan are with God by my side leading me. Times like God telling me to talk to people, Holy Spirit highlighting future friends to me, God telling me where to go, what to do, what dates, what places, with who’s help and me doing so.. But this time He was giving me options?

It was then I realized, this is what happens as you grow in relationship. As much as I absolutely love when God tells me what to do even when I’m walking blindly not knowing anything until He reveals it. I love it, but relationships grow and go deeper.

Wow, I have gotten to a point where God trusts me to make the correct decision and even further, saying that He will bless whatever I do. Wow. This leaves me in awe. The God that created all the heavens and earth chooses to do life with ME and lets me drive!

I now realize that I became uncomfortable. Even more, I learned that God taking you somewhere where you aren’t comfortable doesn’t mean you been doing it wrong but that He’s taking you deeper, further and growing you. He’s actually giving you more! A more you could actually see. A more where you have to take a bigger step. Take a greater risk. At least while you’re uncomfortable. But soon enough it will be normal again.. That is until the next step. IT’S THE JOURNEY.

God is a God who takes you deeper and higher all at the same time. Yes, it doesn’t make sense. We know. Trust me. 



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